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A high definition wire fairy archer

Hi welcome to my web site.

I am a wire sculpture artist and teacher of my craft. I have been making wire sculpture with tin copper wire for over  30 years. I learnt and practiced my skills working as a protype military avionics electical/mechancal engineer working on Tornado and Urofighter Typhoon wiring assemblies for BEA Systems. I decided to start making and teaching wire sculpture after i was made redundant in 2010.

Soldering skills are the key to my sulpture work. 30 years of working with heavy duty and very fine wire, enables me to make a wide range of wire sculptures from 14 gauge wire down to 36 gauge. With welding and many other fabrications skills I am able to make and teach a wide variety of sculpures in a wide variety of materials in fine detail "High Definition" hence the name. For details of one to one lessons and group lessons, please follow link


The range of sculptures in terms size of sculptures is vast , as you will see in the pictures below , I love the challenge of my micro sculpture, both insects and micro machines made from pocket watch gears and parts . I am always developing new projects and pushing myself to create new complex sculptures.  For more infomation , to book a lesson ,   Please email me at rogerrussell@hotmail.co.uk

side view of roe deer and tig welder used to make her

Life size Roe deer in 316 stainless steel Tig welded . on Permanat display at the Shed Prince Phillip Park Whitehill Bordon

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32 in dragon fly wing detail

large Dragon fly (5ft wing span) steel, copper ,

close up view

This is the start of a very large bee , A Commission from Community Trust , when finished it will be permanantly on display in my home town Whitehill/Bordon , Hampshire UK

13 inch wasp made in steel , brazed to

wasp body

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Fairy Acher. All sculptures can be taught by me at my studio : https://www.craftcourses.com/courses/high-definition-wire-sculpturesoldering-courses-specializing-in-insects-fairies-and-dragons

Fairy archer in tinned copper wire

A fairy archer with a new wing I made using silver plated copper wire

7 inch dragon fly, one of my most popular sculptures, its the wire detail in the wings that takes a lot of time and skill. I can teach this in a one day course, to finish the wings will take another day.

This was the first fairy head I made in tin copper wire, each wire is individualy formed and soldered into place. This head is just 25 mm diameter.

50mm wire fairy head. Fairies are the most complex in terms skill and time, this is the most detailed fairy head so far, I am all ways looking to improve my skills.

a 15 inch wing span dragon fly , this piece was made for an exerbition in London , every wing vien has been carfully cut and shaped and solderd into place . This is the most detailed dragon fly wing on the market any where in the world , I do believe a

7 inch dragonfly kit £150 plus P&P

5 inch wing span dragon fly , made using 22awg tinned, and coloured copper wire , high skill leval for this one

I am very happy with this dragon fly head , a head like this can take a day to make or teach

The range of sculptures in terms size of sculptures is vast, this is probably one of the smallest in the range of wire dragonflies for sale at £30 + p&p

5 inch Fairy wing £60. This wing can be taught in a one day lesson.

Small wasp. Taught in a one day lesson. For sale £90.

This is one of the largest dragonflies I'm making. It will have a 1.5 meter wing span is made from iron rod welded together, thinner rod, domed mesh for the head and galvernized wire for the wing detail.

This is one of the smallest wire insect sculptures I make and teach.

Copper domed wire wrap steam punk pendant. This can be taught on one of my courses.

A 30 inch fairy being made by one of my students over a series of 3 lessons. My student reviews can be accessed here : https://www.craftcourses.com/courses/high-definition-wire-sculpturesoldering-courses-specializing-in-insects-fairies-and-dragons

My recent 5 day visit to RHS Wisley to demonstate and exhibit my work

High definition 15 inch fairy archer.

This Fairy was made to exhibit at Surrey Hills Sculpture Exerbition May 2017